Redefining Effective Patient Care

At Winnipeg Spine and Sports therapy, our clinicians are re-defining physiotherapy care that involves ushering in a new set of parameters. Ones that will re-define the practitioner-patient relationship. Allow for comprehensive diagnostic assessment. Strive for more effective therapies. Attain quicker physical results without compromising permanency of the treatment. And, most importantly, gain the trust of the patient as a partner in their path to recovery and optimal physical well-being.

Unfortunately it is too easy to reflect on the common cookie-cutter treatment protocol for musculoskeletal injuries:

  • Heat
  • Therapeutic modality
  • Passively stretch tissue
  • Therapeutic modality
  • Unsupervised exercise
  • Therapeutic modality on ice

Too common, too thoughtless, and too uninspired. In an effort to re-define our role, here are our Ten Commandments of Physiotherapy, Winnipeg Spine and Sports Therapy-style:

  1. Treat the PERSON and the diagnosis.
  2. EDUCATE the patient to EMPOWER them to take control of their rehabilitation.
  3. Help the patient return to activities MEANINGFUL TO THEM.
  4. Promote an ACTIVE REHAB approach.
  5. Gently ALTER NEGATIVE beliefs or expectations the patient may have about their injury/rehab.
  6. Promote STRENGTH, RESILIENCE, and ADAPTABILITY of the human body.
  7. Use MANUAL THERAPIES – hands-on tissue, sensory input-guided therapy.
  8. CALM down affected soft tissues and joints; then BUILD back up through guided exercise progressions.
  9. ACTIVLEY LISTEN to what the patient has to say and SHOW you care.

Keep up-to-date and remain evidence-based in your treatment approach.