Do I need a referral to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist?

A referral is usually not needed to see a Doctor of Chiropractic or a Physical Therapist. However, your health plan may have specific referral requirements or, if it is a WCB or MPI claim, you will need to obtain approval for coverage in these instances.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, we operate by appointment only. Appointments can be booked in person, by phone through our reception (204-615-7678) or directly online through our patient portal, accessible through our website.

What can I expect at the initial assessment?

Upon arrival at our clinic, we will gather any personal and insurance information required for correspondence and billing from you. You will then be taken to a treatment room to meet your chiropractor or physiotherapist who will take a detailed history of your problem, perform a full musculoskeletal assessment, discuss any findings and together with you, develop a treatment plan.   A treatment will be included in the initial visit. Upon completion we expect payment and follow up visits will be scheduled.  Expect your initial assessment to take from 30-60 minutes depending on the nature of your injury/problem.

What conditions do you treat?

Doctors of Chiropractic and Physical Therapists care for patients of all ages and a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Sports injuries – Runner’s/Jumper’s knee, patellofemoral pain syndrome, A-C separations, shoulder dislocations
  • Headaches
  • Sprains & strains – fingers, hands, wrists, knees, feet, ankles
  • Sciatica
  • Post-surgical hip & knee replacement rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical ACL/knee and rotator cuff repair rehabilitation
  • Rotator cuff injuries & impingement syndrome
  • Scapular dyskinesia
  • Plantar fasciitis & achilles tendonopathies
  • Postural syndromes
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
  • Muscle imbalances and movement impairment syndromes

What techniques do you use?

Our multi-disciplinary approach is also multi-faceted and we offer a variety of manual therapy services, including:

  • Active Release Techniques®
  • Spinal Manipulative Therapy
  • Joint Mobilizations
  • Shockwave
  • Rocktape & Kinesiotaping
  • IASTM and Graston Technique
  • Flexion-Distraction Technique
  • Therapeutic Exercise

Are chiropractic care and physiotherapy covered by health insurance?

Chiropractic and physical therapy care are covered extensively by third party payers. These include employee benefit plans, the federal public service, WCB, MPI, extended healthcare benefits, the RCMP, Canadian Forces and Veteran’s Affairs Canada.  Check your health plan to determine the coverage available to you for chiropractic care. Chiropractic services are also partially funded by the provincial health plan of Manitoba, contributing $10 per visit for a total of $70 per calendar year.

Will you direct bill my insurance company?

Yes, we are able to direct bill several third party insurance companies, including Blue Cross, Medavie and SunLife.

What forms of payment do you take?

In addition to providing direct billing to third party insurers, we accept cash, debit, VISA and MasterCard as payment options.

WCB - How do I get coverage if my injury occurred at work?

Once you have filled out a Workers Compensation Board incident report with your employer, you will need to be assigned a WCB claim number. (You can get this by calling 204-954-4321 or toll free 1-855-954-4321 to report a workplace injury to a Claims Service Representative. We require this claim number prior to your first visit, which will be automatically covered by WCB. Claim approval is required from WCB before any further treatment is provided. If your claim is denied, WCB will cover only the initial assessment and the remaining visits will be up to you to pay for or provide us with your insurance information to get covered.

MPI - How do I arrange coverage if my injury is the result of a motor vehicle accident?

Contact MPI at 204-985-7000 or toll-free 1-800-665-2410 to report a Bodily Injury Claim and you will receive a claim number. (note: this will be different  from your Vehicle Claim Number) Have this claim number available when you book your physiotherapy appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. There are late cancellation and missed appointment fees of $30 – $50 that may apply depending on the appointment type.