Therapeutic Exercise – It’s Good for the Soul!

Is there a more guilt-ridden version of homework than sheets of rehab exercises doled out to you after an injury? While seemingly often basic, redundant or too time consuming that they rob you of precious hours on the couch watching the game, Therapeutic Exercises – when implemented in a straight-forward, pragmatic manner – are meant to be an individualized, practical application of well researched exercises that offer progressions and regressions depending on your current state of recovery.

Your Therapeutic Exercise program is designed specifically for you to get your tissues back to the state that they were at the time of injury. So, your injury itself – a fracture, sprain or strain, for example – occurred during an activity when the load that was put on your body exceeded the tissue’s capacity to withstand that load.

Injury = Load > Tissue Capacity

Of course, when you have an injury, the tissues must heal first. After the acute healing phase, your guided program is designed to progressively load your body’s tissues as they will adapt in response to these forces.

Healing = Load < Tissue Capacity

As you continue to recover, a thorough, well-designed and implemented Therapeutic Exercise program will safely increase the capacity of your body’s tissues to handle loads and produce force. As a result, your body gets stronger and you mitigate the risk of injury during your return to activity. Getting stronger also gives you the benefit of being able to perform at a higher level than you did prior to injury. And who doesn’t want that!