Flexion Distraction Technique

Flexion-Distraction Technique is a gen­tle chi­ro­prac­tic pro­ce­dure effective in treating lower back pain and injury.

Performed on a specially designed table, the Flexion-Distraction Technique allows the chiropractor to provide a gentle stretch to the spine. Through this stretch – also known as traction – and gentle pressure, the chiropractor can remove tension on the spinal nerve roots and annular fibres in your discs, thereby improving spacing and increasing circulation. Through this treatment’s slow and gentle movements, proper alignment and range of motion can be restored, providing relief from pain in the lower back, legs, neck, and arms.

Flexion-Distraction is beneficial in treating low back pain, lumbar disc bulging and herniation, sciatica, lumbar spinal stenosis, spondy­loles­the­sis and tran­si­tional seg­ment dys­func­tion.