It Starts with Pain but it’s Really About Function

Have you searched, “Do I have sciatica?” or “Why does my knee hurt?” or better yet “How does chiropractic treat back pain?” Common searches like these are focused on pain. We all experience musculoskeletal pain. Pain that can be coming from our bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and fascia. Pain that can be generated actively during activity or movement, statically in different seated or lying postures, or any combination of these. Pain can be present due to a specific traumatic injury, from exercise or simply, and all too often heard in our office, a patient presents with an emphatic “I didn’t do anything!” In general, patient presentation to our office is primarily driven by the fact that they are needing help managing their pain.

Pain is limiting to our activities, our lifestyle, and it can even be debilitating. Helping our patients with their pain is our primary concern. It is why they are seeing us. But, as it is the “limiting factor,” our focus is always bigger – it’s about function! When you are in pain, your movements will change. Maybe you limp, maybe you turn your body rather than your neck to look sideways, and maybe you don’t move at all because you don’t want it to hurt! Pain definitely compromises function. As we aim to reduce your pain through a variety of hands-on manual therapies (see future blog posts), our clinicians progress treatment to include active rehabilitative measures – movement re-education and training, self-mobilization of soft tissues, balance re-training and proprioception, and therapeutic resistance exercises to complete their optimal physical health program.

At Winnipeg Spine and Sports Therapy our chiropractors overall assessment and treatment plan is focused on improving you! Improving the function of your musculoskeletal system to help you get back to the activities and lifestyle that are important to you.